Why should I want to sell payroll?


“Why should I want to sell payroll?”

I don’t think you should.

Recently I was referred to an insurance agent as a potential new alliance partner.  Upon arriving at our appointment there was some confusion as to who the referring party was, I believed it was one person and the agent believed it was another.  As it turned out we were both right and I had been referred by two independent sources!

After we had a laugh about the coincidence my host asked me “Why should I want to sell payroll?”  I answered his question with a question and ask him “How many clients have you lost to ADP and Paychex?”

To this he responded “14”. I pressed on “What is average revenue you earn from a client?”  His answer “About $1,400.00 per year”. “And how many years does the average client stay with you?” I asked.  “Oh a little more than seven”.  So, creating the verbal calculation, I said “14 clients at $1,400.00 times seven year equals how much?”  He grabbed his calculator and a rather shocked look appeared on his face, “That’s more than 137 thousand dollars!”

I thought, “You just answered your own question.”  I think you will agree the question is not “Why should I want to sell payroll?”  , but rather “What is it costing me by not having a payroll solution.”  I went on to explain “I don’t expect you to sell payroll, but I can show you how to protect your book.”

It is really very easy.  If you would be interested in learning more please call me . . .

Written by:

Scott Evers

Scott Evers

Vice President Sales and Marketing