Avoiding Employee Time Theft

time theft

Time theft at work is real and happens in many companies. While it is the job of the employers to manage an employee’s time, there are numerous ways employees are stealing time which puts companies at risk for budget overages.

If an employee clocks in 15-minutes early each day, this costs an employer one week of pay each year.

When you add that up across the board of employees, the overages can be substantial.

How do you manage employee early punches if you are still managing clock-ins with a timesheet, manually or even with a punch clock?

One such answer is by using a software system that eliminates missed punches, tracks meals and breaks, transfers departments with job costing and prevents early punches. This means you would have a system that integrates into your payroll system that acts intuitively to hold your employees responsible without having to employ additional manpower.

If an employee goes to clock in early for the day, a message will automatically pop up alerting them that they are early and when their shift is supposed to start. It will them inform them of the earliest time they can clock in.

This prevents them from clocking in early and provides them with information why. This is only one scenario; the system can also prevent late or mismatched punches and also provide selection options that would be appropriate according to the location of that employee in their current state.

While all employees will steal time at some point, chatting at the water coolers, an intuitive time clock system such as SwipeClock’s TimeWorksPlus with Scheduling is a great solution offered through HR Ledger to help prevent obvious overages. The system installs in minutes and provides easy employee punching, simplifies time card reconciliation and streamlines the payroll processing.

HR Ledger can help.

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Written by:

Scott Evers

Scott Evers

Vice President Sales and Marketing