ACH Related COVID-19 Updates

To Our Very Valued Clients:

The COVID-19 event has thrown the financial world into uncharted waters. We are receiving new operating parameters daily from the financial institutions with whom we do business. To comply with these new rules, regulations, and procedures we are having to change our payroll funding policies for ACH transactions including Direct Deposits.

Effective Monday March 23, 2020 the following processing requirements will be required until the financial institutions feel it is appropriate to return to normal.

As of Monday, all clients will be set to Standard Check Processing. This means all payments to employees will be made by printed check and shipped to clients for distribution. This allows you to retain your current payroll schedule and for us to meet current conditions.

You will have two options should you wish to continue Direct Deposits to your employees:

  1. You may submit your payroll for a 5-day processing window. In plain language if you wish Direct Deposits for your employees on Friday, you will need to send your payroll data on Monday by noon (If this is your current schedule you need not make any changes).
  2. Or you may wire funds no later than 2 days prior to your Payday. You may be asking yourself “Are we back to having to wire funds?” This time it is your choice not a forced process. The financial institutions merely require more time, or validated funds.

We can also work with you to set up Reverse Wire or Wire Drawdown as it is known in the industry. We work with you and your bank to allow us to use fund wiring technology to execute a collection of funds from your account. Reverse Wire is as safe and as widely used as ACH just not as well known. In some cases, your bank may require additional fees.

As always, we appreciate early submission of payroll data. It helps you submit when it is more convenient for you and we can focus more by processing in off rush times.

These next several weeks will be challenging for all of us in the small business community. We are all truly in this together. We want you to know we are looking for ways to ease the burden on not only you but your employees. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is a way you believe we can help.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Please direct any and all questions to or call 800-451-1136 and we will answer them.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Malcolm Frost
CEO and Founding Partner