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This site is here for you. We want a central location that you can find everything you need as our client to reduce your workload. Please feel free to make suggestions. In the mean time we will continue to add services and links to better serve you.

The Payroll Team

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We are here to inform you about important dates, event, tax related issues, etc.

2017 W-2’s Are on Their Way!

2017 W-2’s have been posted and are available on employer and employee portals.  W-2’s were posted on Thursday January 18th.  Printed copies of the W-2 will begin shipping on Saturday the 20th of January and most of our clients should receive them on Monday the 22nd.

End of Year Processing & Filing begins in December.  It includes requests to our clients for review of their payroll documents and any needed corrections.   We also begin Phase 1 of the 12 Phases necessary to balance, audit, correct, process and file each employer’s filings for the year.  We file the End of 4th Quarter and the End of Years filings with the Internal Revenue Service.  The W-2 data is filed with the Social Security Administration of behalf of our clients.  And all the state’s End of Quarter and End of Years returns are filed.

It has been a pleasure, yet again this year, for the opportunity to serve you.  We hope we can play a small roll in making you more successful in 2018.
The Payroll Team

3rd Qtr. Employer Tax Filings Completed & Posted

The Employer Tax Returns for Third Quarter (July – August) 2017 have been posted to your Report Portal and filed with the appropriate agencies.
If you need assistance viewing your returns please contact one of us on the Payroll Team.

Take pride in knowing you made it though another quarter!
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
The Payroll Team

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