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This site is here for you. We want a central location that you can find everything you need as our client to reduce your workload. Please feel free to make suggestions. In the mean time we will continue to add services and links to better serve you.

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2021 End of Year

Well!  What a year this has been, we are all so grateful that the business world is starting to return to normal! Closing out 2021 correctly and efficiently will make going into 2022 on the right foot a lot easier and more rewarding. It is very important you read and consider each section of this yearend closing letter. Our goal is to provide absolutely spot-on tax returns for you, make sure you understand your responsibilities as an employer, and that you are aware of any changes for 2022. We are trying to make your life simpler and help you and your business thrive.

2021 2nd Quarter

2021 2nd Quarter

2021 2nd Quarter W2s and Tax Fillings are now available in your portal.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
The Payroll Team

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