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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

About HR Ledger

HR Ledger, Inc., is a payroll, HR, and benefits administration outsourcing company dedicated to helping small to midsize employers manage their administrative tasks and remain compliant with all the continually changing laws and regulations.

HR Ledger is primarily referral-driven and offers clients a variety of business service professional networks including insurance agents/brokers, HR and business consultants, accountants and bookkeepers, and pension advisors wanting to ensure their clients have the best payroll service possible.

HR Ledger’s Unique Approach


We’re looking out for you…even when you’re not.

The myriad of ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations governing payroll and benefits create a minefield for employers and a real challenge to successfully running a business.

  • We provide each client their own Personal Payroll Specialist
  • We provide all clients with HR support for routine HR questions
  • We provide each client an Online HR Resource Portal

What Our Clients Say About Us


We are grateful for the services that every one at HR Ledger provide us. We have never been more satisfied with a payroll company, we were pretty sure they were all the same. I can honestly say that HR Ledger stands highly above all the others in terms of friendliness, professionalism, helpfulness, informative, thorough, quick response time, and most of all the team has saved me from missing payroll deadlines when I am short handed and have to take on that position and process it myself. If it wasn’t for you, Betti (my personal savior) and the rest of the team at HR Ledger we would be having the additional agony of doing it in house. After the previous company we used, had we not met you and HR Ledger we would be taking on the additional work along with the taxes and filing which I really do not have quite the experience or the desire to try to squeeze anymore work into my overflowing schedule. So it is absolutely not a problem to use us as a reference we would gladly give your high praise to anyone willing to listen.
Thank you!
Lorinda H.SKY Facility Maintenance Corp.

It’s not very often a service comes along that I feel confident enough about to endorse to my personal clients.  H R Ledger™ is such service.  I am so excited about this service that I made ISU Stetson-Beemer our first customer!

I’m particularly excited to be the first to offer these services to our community.  The introduction of payroll and benefit administration through an insurance agency is a new concept.  From a personal perspective I can say I am thrilled to finally see this kind of service offered through the service oriented insurance network.  With the services I’ve had in the past I always felt we didn’t have an advocate for our individual needs.

This isn’t just some back-office payroll service.  This is a nationally renowned system – reengineered to include a benefit administration option and represented by a trusted and reliable advocate, your local insurance broker.

ISU Stetson-Beemer will be introducing all our clients to this high quality full-service payroll.

H R Ledger™ has developed a service that does all the accounting functions necessary to maintain your workforce that they call Human Resource Accounting.  Essentially this is full payroll and benefit administration – but it is so much more.  In addition to enhanced payroll services, H R Ledger™ manages your benefits eligibility, bill reconciliation and payment.  They also completely relieve you of COBRA and HIPAA administration and assure you of compliance with State and Federal regulatory authorities.  And, with this service, if you have HR questions, they have an HR Consultant on staff to answer them.

Richard S.ISU Stetson-Beemer

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy we are with H R Ledger and your fine staff.

Recently one of our brokers asked us to assist him with an HR Ledger presentation to an existing client that he had six to eight employees insured with Blue Shield through AEGIS for the last ten years.  The initial meeting was very well received, the client wanting to out source as much as possible, and a subsequent meeting was planed to finalize the implantation plan and fill out the CSA.

During the second meeting, while filling out the CSA it was discovered that employer had in fact Thirty two employees and the Blue Shield plan was grossly under enrolled.  Upon presenting these facts and alternatives to the employer the contribution level was raised to eighty from fifty percent, a IRS section 125 plan was installed and about half of the employees enrolled into a voluntary plan, all through the broker and AEGIS.

Thanks to you at HR Ledger we at AEGIS retained a client, and a very happy broker who now has an additional $620.00 monthly income.  The client tells the broker that his payroll has never run so smoothly and the time that Ledger Pak has freed up is allowing him to get caught up on his accounts receivable.

Once again HR Ledger has proved to be a win/win for everybody!!

Dave E.AEGIS Pacific Insurance Service

I previously owned a business that was part of a franchise, and every franchise location in California used the same payroll solution, which we changed about once a year.

During the five years I was with the franchise, we used four different payroll solutions, three of which were three different PEO companies and one of which was HR Ledger. Of the four, HR Ledger was head and shoulders both cheaper and the level of service HR Ledger provided was much higher.

In chronological order, HR Ledger was the third of the four solutions.

When I shut down my franchise business and opened a non franchise business, I did not shop around for a payroll company, I just went back to HR Ledger, from whom I continue to receive excellent service.

Kevin C.Solera Home Improvement, Inc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the service provided by HR Ledger! Everyone has been really professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I like the new online resources as well.

Patricia N.Carmel Building & Design, Inc.

While we take care of our Famished customers, HR Ledger takes care of US!

Max B.Max’s Deli & Catering Co.

I heard somewhere that a man who is his own lawyer is fool. Bookwork, let alone keeping up with the law makers, is not my thing. If I had used your service 20 years ago it would have saved a lot of time spent with the IRS.

AJ F.Foley Construction

Thank God I don’t have to do payroll anymore!

Susie L.Lauer Insurance

I’m so glad you are going to be doing this for us—now I don’t have to worry about it.

Sister RaphaelMonastery of the Angels

My worst nightmare is that I call up and your HR Consultant is no longer there.

Lon F.Integra Insurance

These people at HR Ledger are really on the ball!

Jennifer S.The Parker Group

As usual, always a pleasure to be working with you!

Uyen T.Apneon

I really love the reports—so easy to read and work with.

Bill Z.ISE Stetson-Beamer

You’re a Lifesaver!

Kathy C.Fitness Center

It’s nice to be working with a company that is ethical and professional.

Kelly P.Central Valley Engineering

With HR Ledger handling my payroll, it requires one simple email per week to send in hours and then I can spend my time on growing my business not buried in the administrative details of running a small company.

John S.Boston Pacific

Employees are so appreciative of the availability of direct deposit.

Scott W.Warren Chiropractic

Thanks for helping us get our startup paperwork completed.

Mike A. Professional Medical Warehouse

We really appreciate your ability to put our logo on your checks.

Mark R.R&R Painting

We love the flexibility and integrated timekeeping.

Linda B.Esser Services

I am really pleased with HR Ledger’s willingness to send checks and reports to separate locations.

Pam W.PanClips

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HR Ledger, Inc. serves clients in all of California and across 47 of the 50 states, including the District of Columbia. We provide complete payroll services to clients with employees as far east as Maine and as far west as Alaska and we have local distributors throughout our service area.


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