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Thank you to those of you who have helped to grow HR Ledger®. It would be easy to say we have built this business ourselves however with 85% of our business coming from your referrals that would be a bit pompous.

This website is dedicated to those who see the vision of helping small business as the best way to build our country, our communities and our philanthropic nature. By growing a strong economy, we protect our families & way of life, we have the tools to make a better world and we have the security we desire.

Our alliance is mutually beneficial. We want to provide you tools, data, & education to help you grow and protect your business. We hope in turn you will help us, because the more we grow the more we can reinvest in you.

Our greatest differentiating factor in our market is our personal service. We extend that to our Alliance Partners as well. I encourage you to reach out with any question, concern, or request. One of the great rewards of this business is being able to sit down over coffee and discuss opportunities.

We look forward to our partnership.

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