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For the Financial Planner, Pension Plan Advisor and Administrator

  • Accurate Data

    Data must be correct, this data is used to help plan the expansion of the business, sale of the business, retirement for the owners and retirement for the employees.  Long term and lasting decisions will be made based on this data.

  • Usable Data

    Data formulated and presented in such a way that trends and market changes can be evaluated, forecast and resulting contingencies made.  Payroll data is used in conjunction with other data and can range from the only data needed to a small percentage of the overall data evaluated.

  • Reliable, prompt, secure, and accurate movement of investment funds

    Having funds deposited promptly means that they start earning returns promptly.  The accuracy and security of the data transmission are vital.  Being able to rely on the payroll service to complete this transaction month after month is priceless.

  • Non-competing

    Some of the super large payroll services and a few of the do it your-self sites now offer what they call financial planning.  Basically that means they sloppily put all their clients into a poor return 401K even if that is not what the client needs.  HR Ledger does not sell finical planning!  We do refer our clients to you our alliance partners.

  • Able to compete with PayChex and ADP

    Not just on price, but on service and services.  How a client is treated by a referred vendor such as a payroll company reflects directly on the advisor making the referral.  This is a fact that we at HR Ledger never forget and although we attempt to do our best for all our clients we are especially mindful of the relationship you have developed with our mutual client.

  • Reliable payroll processing

    Week in week out, month in month out, year in year out payroll after payroll done correctly and on time is what you want for your client.  Not fancy promises or shiny new gizmos and features.  Just reliable payroll processing!

  • Don’t make me look bad

    None of us want to look bad to our clients.  When we refer our hard won clients to another service provider we need to be assured they will be well taken care of.

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