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Serving our clients Payroll, HR, and Administrative Needs

Our Services

HR Ledger, Inc., is a payroll and benefits administration outsourcing company dedicated to helping small to midsize employers manage their administrative tasks and remain compliant with all the continually changing laws and regulations.

  • State of the Art Payroll Service
    Complete Payroll Preparation and Tax Filing Service – Guaranteed!
  • Payroll Repair
    Is your payroll broken or lacking the benefits you want? Let us show you what payroll can do to help your business.
  • Hourly, Salary, Tip & Bonus Reporting
    Inputting time is automated and seamless.
  • Data Connections and Exports
    Wherever you need payroll data we can put it there.
  • Realtime Employee Portal
    Employees can access their check stubs, Direct Deposit Vouchers, change W-4 information, change emergency contact info, read the Employee Handbook (and acknowledge having read it), request time off, clock in / out, check their work schedule and read company bulletins all from one login. They can access their information 24/7 from anywhere, easily and securely.
  • Prevailing Wage and Certified Payroll Services
    We specialize in assisting contractors with Prevailing Wage services.  Ask us how we can help you and complete your certified reports.
  • Management Tools
    We’ve got the reporting tools you need.
  • Optional Payroll Reports
    If our list of reports and special reporting isn’t enough, you can easily customize your own.
  • Pay Types
    There is not a pay type or timekeeping input method we can’t manage.
  • Multiple Pay Periods
    You need more than one pay frequency? Not a problem.
  • Special Options
    If you need it we’ll figure out how to deliver it.
  • Optional Services
    From custom checks to paperless payroll – we’ve got you covered.
  • Time and Attendance
    Automated Time Labor Management uses time clocks to automate the payroll process and record employee hours. We have a wide range to meet your needs, online and physical clocks.
  • Payroll Preview & Secure Data Review
    Optional reports available for your needs.


HR Ledger uses one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art payroll processing systems available. It is continually updated and improved based on client input, operational efficiencies and regulatory requirements.

Here are the features of our payroll services. Customize the service to ONLY what you need. We do not limit service based on payroll size.


Running a business with employees eats production time, in addition to the onboarding process, tracking hours, benefits, onboarding, hiring and even HR. We can free up this time for you while bringing our expertise to help you when managing your employees effectively.

  • Applicant Tracking
    Providing a quick and easy way to track applicants during the initial hiring process.
  • IRS 125 Plan Accounting
    A Cafeteria Plan allowing employees to contribute a certain amount of their gross income to a designated account or accounts before taxes are calculated.
  • Onboarding
    Staffing solutions and onboarding procedures to make your search and hiring easy.
  • HR Answers
    We all have questions about HR at some point. Our 24/7 portal is available to answer questions around the clock and around the calendar.
  • Benefits
    Benefits package tracking and allocation for employees.
  • Resources
    Providing resources in areas such as pension/401K, additional employee benefits, and worker’s comp.
  • Affordable Care Act
    Providing services that keep you compliant with the Affordable Care Act while also helping you with Department of Labor Audit Compliance and IRS Reporting.
  • Compliance Posters
    Labor Law Compliance requires you to have and display certain posters within your office.
  • HR On-Demand Assistance
    HR Assistance to ask questions and get the answers you need to be compliant.
  • HR Consultant Network
    We offer a network of HR consultants that provide comprehensive solutions for your employee issues.
  • Prevailing Wage Administration
    Providing you with the hourly wages required in certain areas for employees.
  • Flex, POP, and Cafeteria Plan Support
    Helping you understand and administer the correct plans for your employees.
  • COBRA Administration
    COBRA compliance and group health plan administration for employees after their employment ends.


Providing services regarding employee laws, regulations and company policies that apply to your employees’ day-to-day job responsibilities so you can remain compliant without worry.

Cash Flow

Business schools preach “Cash is King”. We understand. We work to help you cut costs, find value, get paid quicker, & find hidden assets. There is no magic, just the constant and consistent application of innovation that makes us all more successful.

  • Pension Connections
    We provide data connections to Retirement Plans, 401(k) Administrator and Financial Advisors for just about every kind of Retirement Plan Available.
  • Worker’s Compensation Connections
    Your Worker’s Compensation data can be sent directly to the carrier.  We meet “Pay-as-you-Go” requirements as well as transmit Worker’s Comp. Premium payments.
  • Job Costing
    Employees are often the most expensive cost component of a Job, Project, or Product.  We break-down all the payroll costs how you need it.
  • Department Cost Allocation
    If you have one employee or hundreds working in different departments, we can provide cost accounting by allocation to each department.
  • Accounting Connections
    You have a stack of reports and now must enter data into the accounting system.  We can provide a data export you can load instantly and have all the accounting entries DONE!
  • WOTC Filing
    Work Opportunity Tax Credits are a number of programs set up to put people back to work.  If you hire them, you can get a tax credit of as much as $9600.00 per employee hired.  We can automate the process and take the paperwork out it.
  • Benefits Administration
    Payroll transactions become Benefits actions.  We save employers money by making sure administrations is done correctly.
  • Certified Payroll Reporting
    A contractor’s cash flow is dependent on accurate timely reporting to the agency or contractor they work for.  We automate the reports as part of regular payroll.
  • Un-Employment Insurance Solutions
    If you have turn over, you have Un-Employment Insurance issues.  Get help minimizing payouts and Un-Employment Insurance premium increases.
  • Data Connections
    We have more than 350 combinations of payroll data exports to service providers our client use.  We streamline and eliminate the redundant cost of re-keying data.