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For the Vertical Integrator

A vertical integration is a segment which has unique characteristics or operating needs.  For example, we helped an Unemployment Trust integrate benefit payments to their client’s payroll and provide eligibility reporting based on work week for each employee.

Or think about all the clients of a Workers’ Comp. Broker.  They do not have common characteristics or needs other than needing Worker’s Comp.  However, contractors performing Public Works Jobs have common needs for Certified Payroll, Rate Determination Expertise, Wage / Hour understanding, Cash flow, and Compliance etc.  Accountants who focus on the construction industry  need payroll data (including Certified / Prevailing Wage payroll) to connect with their clients’ accounting tools . . . creating a vertical integration need.

A vertical integrator can expect:

  • To enhance their own product or service by additional offerings
  • Easy to access, accurate and timely payroll information
  • Elevated level of confidence in data being presented
  • Customization of data requirements
  • Access to HR & Payroll expertise for their clients
  • Integrated product offering
  • Greater client retention with integrated products
  • Revenue share

The benefits are better retention, more complete & sole source solution offering, very little additional time commitment and increase revenue.

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