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For the Health Plan Broker or Consultants

Most of the larger payroll companies are now selling group and individual medical insurance as well as workers comp.  The income for a life and health broker is in peril enough without having to compete with mega agencies who have the unfair advantage of soliciting existing payroll clients.  The best interests of the client are normally not what one of these payroll insurance agencies are focused on, mainly they focus on selling the case even to the detriment of the client.  The work and time that a conscientious broker puts into researching and providing what a client needs at a price that is affordable is huge and is what makes the difference between a great broker and policy mill.

Unfortunately, the business owner clients don’t know the difference.  They hear the same words, see the same proposals, but they don’t see the work needed to ensure the safety of the clients.  Not until it is too late does the client realize what a mistake they have made.  No friendly agent to call, to help with late enrollees, to pursue claims issues, to help with late pay reinstatements and the varied other services that they gave up in order to save a little work and a few bucks.

The Federal Government did not help you as a broker with the passage of the PPACA.  Some of your colleges elected to ignore the healthcare reporting portion of the legislation and lost their clients with over 50 employees.  The large competitors are offering combined solutions which use payroll data to comply with the law.  NOW, you can too!

Specific Benefits to you:

  • Protection of your clients from predator payroll services
  • Notification of significant client changes
  • Keeps your client in compliance
  • ACA monitoring and reporting
  • New revenue stream built on your existing clients

HR Ledger understands the need for a healthy broker/client relationship, which is why we DO NOT sell insurance products, helping you protect your book of business.

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