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For the HR Consultant

In polling the HR Consultants we serve, we continually hear three motivations for aligning with HR Ledger®:

  • It builds a deeper tie between the consultant and the client.
  • It allows the HR Consultant a more complete knowledge of payroll, so they may better advise their clients.
  • It adds an element of steady cash flow to a consulting model.

Many times, an HR Consultant is called in to “fix” a problem.  Most of them will admit that is generally how they get their clients.  Such a huge percentage of small businesses are managed by the chaos and crisis model whether they admit to it or not.   You the HR consultant however are always looking for ways to have retention conversations.  Payroll is an excellent conversation starter.

By aligning with a payroll services provider HR experts have learned that their clients will be protected.  Protected from their own poor choices and protected from laws which just don’t efficiently make it from the lawmakers directly to the business people they impact.  This alignment also protects the clients from the predatory nature of the big payroll companies who have HR divisions or services packaged in their offerings.  Having a “go to” payroll service provider can bolster credibility, demonstrate dependability, provides a way to validate compliance and audit some HR procedures while providing direct access to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

HR professionals, be they an in-house or consultants, know that keeping their finger on the pulse of a company’s culture is strategic and paramount to best serving them.

One of our consultants goes so far as to process payroll for their client through our system.  They feel it not only supports their connection with the client but they watch for HR issues as they happen with regards to payroll.

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