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Why on earth would an accountant refer their clients to a payroll service?  Great question!

Most often the culture of an accounting office just does not mesh with frenzied day to day pressures of payroll services.  Also the low profit margins of payroll service conflicts with the average hourly rates of professional services.

For some accountants, profit sharing is all they need to refer their clients to a nationally known payroll service.  For others they want to know:

  • Who to call when they need data, numbers, list, reports, or a download of this pay periods’ payroll.
  • That their client will not be "sold" a PEO solution.
  • That their client will talk to someone who is knowledgeable about their account every time.
  • That their client can get all the features of a national provider with the personal service their client has grown to know from them.
  • They can get a download of their clients’ payroll to put directly into the General Ledger.
  • They can speak to the payroll service about changes which need to be made.
  • They can login into all their client’s payroll reports when it is convenient for them.
  • That their client is as important to the payroll service as they are to the accountant and that the client’s well being takes precedence over corporate share price.


“HR Ledger processes payroll for several of my clients, and my own firm.  I’m very happy with their service.  I think they provide the best of both worlds – a sophisticated technology platform, AND excellent, hands-on customer service.  It’s what clients really need, and it affords me the comfort of knowing my clients are being well taken care of for their payroll needs.  They provide web-portal access for me to view my client’s payroll records, and QuickBooks import files to ease data entry.  Plus, their knowledge and provision of ACA compliance solutions sets them apart from most payroll service providers, even national firms.”

George G.Auburn, CA

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