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For the Business Mentor, the Business Advisor, or Consultant

Small business owners need all the help they can get to succeed in today’s tough business climate.  The guidance from business coaches is invaluable.  These trusted confidants must know that the data they are using to help their clients make critical suggestion is accurate, truthful, compliant and timely.  That is where HR Ledger plays an invaluable role.  The Business Coaches we work with are able to access as much non-HIPPA payroll data as the client wants.

If you are supporting a funding attempt, proving a client’s attention to detail and risk management can be essential. A seamless interface between payroll and an accounting program can demonstrate just that.

On an Income Statement the percentage of payroll to sales means nothing if you have no confidence in it.

We want our clients to prosper and grow, we thrive on the success of our clients and Alliance Partners because they can absolutely trust us to fulfill their needs and have their backs.

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