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For the Business Attorney or Labor Law Attorney

Attorneys providing legal assistance to business have two roles 1) keep their clients out of trouble or 2) get their clients out of trouble.  Not necessarily in that order.  Attorneys have told us they want to know their clients are being looked after.  They find comfort in the knowledge that our payroll services are steeped in compliance.

Many legal situations surrounding payroll are caused by employers either ignoring their responsibilities, not understanding the complexities of a regulation or simply not knowing what it is they must do to be in compliance.

Part of our role is to be on the lookout for red flags on payrolls and advise clients.  We also provided tools for employers to stay up to date on labor laws, in fact we have resources for all 50 states and the Federal Government.  We provide processes, checklists, opinions and equipment to help employers reduce risk, save money, make happier employees and be more productive through compliant payroll services.

Because our specialists speak to the clients on average 2.3 times a month, we also have some insight into the ways a company works.  Attorneys we have worked with, have told us they like having another set of eyes on their clients.

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