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Alliance Partner – the benefactor of an association between oneself and HR Ledger®

Thank you to those of you who have helped to grow HR Ledger®. It would be easy to say we have built this business ourselves however with 85% of our business coming from referrals that would be a bit pompous.

This website is dedicated to those who see the vision of helping business as the best way to build our country, our communities and our philanthropic nature. By growing a strong economy, we protect our families & way of life, we have the tools to make a better world and we have the security we desire.

Our alliance is mutually beneficial. We want to provide you tools, data, & education to help you grow and protect your business. We hope in turn you will can help us, because the more we grow the more we can reinvest in you.

Our greatest differentiating factor in our market is our personal service. We extend that to our Alliance Partners as well. I encourage you to reach out with any question, concern, or request. One of the great rewards of this business is being able to sit down over coffee and discuss opportunities.

We look forward to our partnership.

One of the greatest services we can provide our clients is a referral to partners we trust.  This is a responsibility we do not take lightly.  We go out of our way to make the business life of our clients as easy and as fruitful as we can.

However, we have two masters to serve.  First our clients, we hope you know by now they are the most important people in our business lives.  We will not jeopardize their trust.  The second most import relationship we have is with our partners.  We will not compromise the relationships they have built with their clients.  When you consider that approximately 85% of our business comes from partner referral, it would be inappropriate to turn client names over to partner competitors.

Should a client ask us for a referral, we ask our referring partners if they would like to make the referral.  We are talking with our clients at a minimum monthly.  A request for a referral is usually made on the spur of the moment without consideration for all their trusted sources.  We like to direct them to the partner who referred them.  If a partner wants us to make the referral we will.

On the occasion that the client does not have a referring partner, we use our list of trusted partners.  We try to provide at least 3 trusted partners beginning with the closest and gradually getting further away.

To become an HR Ledger® Trusted Partner requires three things:

  • A successful referral to client of the partner who becomes a HR Ledger® Client.
  • Completion of the HR Ledger® Partner Profile.
  • And a written testimonial from one on the partners’ clients.

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