HR Ledger, Inc.

About Us

HR Ledger, Inc., is a payroll, HR, cash flow, and compliance outsourcing company dedicated to helping small to midsize employers manage their administrative tasks and remain compliant with all the continually changing laws and regulations.

HR Ledger is primarily referral-driven and utilizes a variety of business service professional networks including insurance agents/brokers, HR and business consultants, accountants and bookkeepers, and pension advisers.


Understanding why we are in business and how we love what we do.


A team of professionals educated and ready to work with you.


Strategic and Alliance Partnerships to be resources for our clients.

HR Ledger’s Unique Approach


We’re looking out for you…even when you’re not.

The myriad of ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations governing payroll and benefits create a minefield for employers and a real challenge to successfully running a business.

  • We provide each client their own Personal Payroll Specialist
  • We provide all clients with HR support for routine HR questions
  • We provide each client an Online HR Resource Portal