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HR Ledger provides payroll. We make that statement simple to read and understand, but the reality is you get so much more than just “payroll.” What do we mean? Let me show you. Many factors make up payroll. From certified payroll with form WH-347 to knowing the correct payroll laws not only in each state, but also knowing they can change by county.

HR Ledger runs your payroll on time, deducts the correct amounts, knows the correct tax payments, and provides your employees with the correct paystub information.

Think every payroll company does this? Think again. When there is a problem, question or issue that arises, you need to call your payroll provider and get a straight answer. At HR Ledger, our dedicated account specialists know your account and answer the phone without a long wait time. You get to talk to a friendly voice who makes sure you get an answer without the escalation, added sales jargon, and ample hold times that other payroll providers put you through. Simply put, we care. We are constantly trying to make your job easier by integrating with additional products, providing you with solutions, and keeping issues that are “Coming Soon” top-of-mind so you are creating thought-out solutions instead of scrambling to find solutions at the last minute. We also provide solutions to the issues arising so you have multiple ways to address new HR and payroll laws.

Additionally, because we care so much, our clients come first. We make sure to partner with companies that have the same integrity and compassion as we do to ensure you get the same level of customer service. We also help refer you to our partners that have solutions we don’t provide, such as insurance or law help.

Other times, when we are asked extensive questions or find a solution, we are sharing it with you. We have learned about WOTC filings and passed that knowledge to you along with solutions about the new Sexual Harassment Training requirements. HR On-Demand will help you also address concerns or questions about HR situations as they arise your office. We partner with payroll companies to allow your employees a portal into their information and also make sure your I-9s are filed correctly.

If you are looking for a payroll solution or are already using HR Ledger and want additional solutions, contact us. We are more than happy to get you started with our amazing, customer service oriented team.

HR Ledger can help.

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Written by:

Scott Evers

Scott Evers

Vice President Sales and Marketing