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Are you at risk for Joint Employer Liability?

As a business owner, the liabilities faced are endless. You are liable for making sure employees have the proper pay documentation, sick days, harassment and discrimination policies, proper wages and W-2 submitted on time. You are even liable for data breaches and workplace injuries. If we added an entire list of liabilities to this article, […]

Telephone System Upgrade

Or as we are referring to it “Black Friday”. Yes, our pessimistic side is showing. On Friday March 24, 2017 at 2:00 pm HR Ledger is scheduled for a replacement of our phone system. Our current system, more than 7 years old, is being replaced. The new system is much more flexible, allowing us to […]

Time Clock and Attendance Systems

Businesses of all sizes need to use some type of time clock and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the departments where that work is performed.  Recently, it’s becoming more common to track meals and breaks, the type of work performed, and for whom.  In addition to tracking when employees […]

National Crime Search: Drug Screening and Background Searches

Background and drug screening can help you choose the best candidates for your company without relying solely on resumes and the interview process. Through our partnership with National Crime Search, a full-service background screening company, you can have access to the following: Multi-State Criminal Background Searches SSN Validation and Address Tracker Multi-State Sex and Violent […]

2016 Year End Returns and W-2’s Posted!

The Tax Returns for Year End 2015 (4th Quarter) have been posted to your Report Portal. We have also posted Employee W-2 Forms. We anticipate shipping printed W-2 Forms by Monday January 25th via FedEx. Your returns will be filed as required prior to the end of January. If you need assistance viewing your returns […]

Security of Payroll Funds with HR Ledger

Over the last thirty days we have received a few inquires regarding the safety of client’s funds in our care and trust undoubtedly motivated by the recent sudden and unexpected failure of a major payroll vendor in northern California.  It is very to us that you understand and feel comfortable with how we protect your […]