Revolutionize Your Payroll Process with Simplified Time Tracking Software

If your company pays employees an hourly wage, then you know the importance of tracking their time. Even companies that pay salaries rather than hourly wages need to track vacation, sick and personal time.

The following five ways to track employee time can be used in any size firm.

1. Sign-in, sign-out sheets: While this may seem old-fashioned, for a very small business it’s an easy way to track time without installing costly software. Create a simple sign-in, sign-out sheet for your company. You can print it and keep it on a clipboard at the front desk or use a shared spreadsheet online.

2. Virtual time clocks: Old-fashioned punch card time clocks can still be found at some businesses, but for many, a virtual time clock suffices. These shared time clocks are installed on your network server and allow employees to “punch in/out” using a click of the mouse instead of a punch card.

3. Use a project management system: Firms that have multiple projects moving through the business may wish to track employee time spent on each account. In that case, a shared project management system can help keep track of tasks and time spent on each task easily and efficiently.

4. Specialized time-tracking systems: There are inexpensive software packages available that enable employees to log and track hours by tasks. These systems can often be customized to reflect tasks specific to your industry or firm. Routine tasks can be listed on a drop-down menu for easy selection.

5. Accounting programs: Some accounting programs have add-on packages to track time as well as billing. This may come in handy for firms that bill by the hour, since you track not only employee time but billable client time, too. Check with your software provider to see whether there is any way to enhance your current accounting program with time-tracking abilities.

Simplified Time Tracking

Simplified time tracking is a game changer for companies to avoid manual processes, which is very labor intensive. With the help of time-tracking software, it’s possible to track employee hours, breaks and overtime with ease. This not only streamlines the process of calculating paychecks, but also ensures accuracy and eliminates errors. The software can be customized to fit the specific needs of your company, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. In addition, simplified time tracking saves valuable time for HR personnel who would otherwise spend hours manually processing timesheets. Overall, implementing a reliable time tracking software can greatly improve efficiency and productivity in any payroll company.

Written by:

Scott Evers

Scott Evers

Vice President Sales and Marketing