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Data Mine Your HR Records: A Scientific Approach to Increasing Productivity

Today’s message is for business owners who have limited experience with data analysis, use manual timekeeping and scheduling processes, and want to use a scientific approach to better manage their workforce. Workforce Management 101 Capturing Workforce Management (WFM) data is the first step to creating a Human Capital Optimization strategy. In order to gather and […]

TimeSimplicity: Fast, Easy Shift Scheduling

Good scheduling is important for your customers as well as employees. You can dramatically improve your schedules with shift scheduling software. When you schedule better, your employees can serve your customers better. Spreadsheets don’t cut it. Why? Spreadsheets are old technology. They really only work to record data. You can’t manipulate the data very easily. […]

Headache-Free Scheduling with TimeSimplicity

Introducing TimeSimplicity by HR Ledger. TimeSimplicity is a convenient advanced scheduling solution that integrates with our TimeWorksPlus time and attendance system in the WorkforceHUB. TimeSimplicity revolutionizes the scheduling process for both managers and associates. It provides managers smart tools for easy, hassle-free scheduling and allows employees to take over many tasks previously done by supervisors. TimeSimplicity […]

Case Study: Hotel Shift Management

Smart Scheduling for Hotel and Hospitality HR Ledger helps hotel improve their bottom line with simplified scheduling and more efficient time and attendance tracking. The Bayside Hotel and Resort is a 135-room, 5-story complex which includes a hotel, two restaurants, and a small business center. There is no “typical” day for The Bayside Hotel, and […]

Case Study: Patient Care Staff Scheduling and PBJ

HR Ledger helps assisted living facility do away with scheduling conflicts, cover gaps, and boost quality while raising employee morale. Suncrest Assisted Living management was worrying about maintaining quality resident care because they had to respond to a continual cascade of scheduling changes. Every schedule change generated a stream of unproductive emails, texts, and phone calls […]

Case Study: Retail Employee Scheduling and Timekeeping

HR Ledger helps sportings goods company save with time and attendance compliance, dramatically simplified scheduling, and mobile management. Northwest Outfitters is a small retail chain tackling the obstacles of selling in the competitive outdoor sports industry. Managing a specialized workforce across 5 locations became their focus as an opportunity to substantially reduce costs and gain […]

Case Study: Restaurant Schedule Management

HR Ledger helps restaurant transform schedule management, limit expenses, and maintain a loyal staff. Coat and Thai is a tony Thai restaurant whose owners are planning to open a second location with hopes of franchising in the future. It copes with the complications common to the restaurant industry; service peaks, specialized staff, and high employee […]